Catching Up – Part 3

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I’m back…finally! So much for the statement at the beginning of my last blog entry about posting at least once a week. But I have a good reason, actually two, that will give you a little insight…Jim and I have had the kids for almost four months now! Yes, they’ve been placed with us permanently, […]

Playing Catch Up (part one)…

It’s been a while since we’ve done a post, what with the holidays (always a good excuse!), planning a wedding, getting things ready for my play reading, “In the Fold,” and continuing our preparations for the children…who has time to write? But because our dear friend Chuck, who has gently been nudging us, I’m finally sitting down […]

Meeting For the Very First Time

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Before Jim and I made our final decision about the prospect of becoming the foster/adoptive parents of Ronald and Angelica, we thought it was important (and smart of us) to meet them first. Even though they are my niece and nephew I had never met them before. We coordinated the visit with the social worker […]

A Little History

In early May 2009 I received a letter from the Department of Social Services–Children’s Services of Washoe County (covering Reno, Nevada) asking me to contact a social worker about an URGENT matter! As soon as I saw “Department of Social Services” on the return address of the envelope I was pretty sure this had something […]