Still At the “Whorehouse!”

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We make it through security, bears and all, and find our way to the 2nd floor courtroom where our adoption hearing is to be held.  We see Steve our adoption social worker, one of four social workers we’ve worked with, waiting for us by the courtroom door.  There are two ways adoption hearings can be done, group […]

Off To The “Whorehouse” We Go! – part one

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The day began like any other.  After our morning routines Jim went to the gym for a workout, I played a tennis match, and the kids went to the “inside park,” known to us grateful parents simply as the gym’s daycare!  We’ve been calling it the “inside park” since the first day we took the […]

The 13 Rules of Engagement

In the 1 1/2 years since the children have been with us we’ve experienced an overwhelming amount of support from family, friends, and complete strangers. We’ve also been met with some reactions, responses, and passes of judgment along the way, which I’ve summarized below in what I call The 13 Rules of Engagement. Some of these […]

STILL In Training!

Poop in the Potty After Angelica pooped on the laundry room floor I guess it shouldn’t have been a surprise that she would be the first one to do a poop in the potty. Although I later realized it wasn’t intended. After we all crowded into the bathroom, including Humphrey, we started celebrating by giving […]

In Training…

We do it every day (recommended), sometimes two or three times a day (wow!), and yet it’s the one thing we don’t talk about very much, unless you’re Oprah (this might be one of her favoritedaily things), or you find yourself with two children who haven’t been potty trained. If you guessed “poop” then you’re absolutely right. If […]

A Snapshot of Everyday Life

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It’s been a very LONG time (VERY!) since I’ve posted to our blog. So, to get things going again I’m posting an e-mail I recently sent to our social workers in northern Nevada that provides just a little snapshot of everyday life in our home. Enjoy! E-mail dated September 13, 2010 Saturday night we went […]